A Farming Lifestyle Blog ~ Tomar Farms

At Tomar Farms, we have moments…. LOTS of moments so it is time for a Farming Lifestyle Blog! Since I live on a working crop farm, raise children and animals (occasionally the same thing) it is easy to lose track of the days.

Always remember: embrace the journey, do things that bring you joy and follow your dreams.

Therefore, I am making an effort to not lose myself in the every day repetition. Since I left my “off-the-farm” job, I have been wading through the muddy waters of motherhood. Watching Facebook Mamas who appear to have life sorted is a dangerous hobby. Interestingly, I am learning these beautiful ladies have the same everyday struggle that I have! We each have to find our balance for a healthy life as we live out our life as mothers. A couple of things I try to do for myself to maintain some semblance of sanity are:

Through this Farming Lifestyle Blog, I endeavour to share with you my journey to making it all happen. I welcome you to come along with my little family and enjoy parts of our story. Please subscribe to our newsletter. I can guarantee you a dose (or two) of total perfection and complete imperfection.

Please note!

Our vegetable garden is coming soon! Early to mid summer the sweet corn stand is going to resurface and we can’t wait to see you all!

Cooking is something we take seriously here. I look forward to posting some of our family’s favourite recipes!

The online shop is opening soon with new spring and summer customized wooden signs! We encourage you to browse the signs at your leisure upon our opening!